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Sober on Purpose

Sep 24, 2022

Do you know the emotional effects of sugar addiction and how to recover from it? One of the major reasons is the emotional damage system that we grew up in, and that is what you have to change.

Watch part 2 of “How To Quit Sugar Addiction” with Mike Collines as we talk about the emotional effects together with how you can start your sugar-free journey.

Key Topics

The emotional effects of coming off sugar Are there coaches that do work on sugar addiction? Setting your mindset right when recovering from sugar addiction Mike’s recommendations to people who want to recover from sugar addiction.

The best part of “The 12 Step Stuff” the changes in Mike’s life as he practices becoming a sugar-free person?

What kind of timeline can a person expect to see real changes?

How recovery from sugar addiction is related to the Atkins diet.

Key Takeaways

You have to know why you have to control your sugar intake.

Recovery from sugar addiction can be hard but starting the process to reconfigure will result in success.

The emotional management system that you grew up with can be the root cause of your sugar addiction.

When you are looking to gesture when cravings happen, no matter how the cravings feel, do not take the edge off withdrawals.

Just give yourself a real 90 days to refrain from sugar, the physical changes alone will be enough for you to see the future.

Like any substance abuse disorder, sugar addiction can also be switched.

Wisdom quotes from Mike Collins:

“The people in recovery are the key to obesity crisis” You can go check out his book "Last Resort Sugar Detox Guide" here at