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Sober on Purpose

Apr 26, 2019

How are you handling sobriety as a family? Is it all rainbows and unicorns?  Or are you frustrated with the way things are not changing?

You see even though our therapist gave us tools to use in our marriage after sobriety we did not have a clue how to implement them on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  We were...

Apr 22, 2019

We laughed out loud this week while interviewing Patty H. Scott on the subjects of codependent parents, teenagers and marriage. Patty is the author of three books, the mother of two sons and the wife of a surfer, skater dude turned husband and family leader.  What she says may shock you with its simplicity. Find her...

Apr 12, 2019

Can I just say AHHHHHHHH! Huge changes mean huge stress. Moves, job changes, deaths, teenagers, it can overwhelm you completely.

When your days are full of never-ending do's, stress can be a regular part of your life.  As stress wears on you may want to alleviate it with habits that you thought you conquered.


Apr 5, 2019

A new addition to the Sober on Purpose Podcast interviews. As we were wrapping up this first segment of codependency I reached out to another podcaster, Tres Adamas, Director of Arizona Christian Counseling and host of Ask a Christian Counselor.

While many families struggling with addiction seek counseling it is often...