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Sober on Purpose

Mar 29, 2019

As moms, caregivers, possible codependents, we spend our days running around multi-tasking, doing endless errands, cooking and cleaning, working and taking care of our families and the household. You may find yourself more emotional, irritable, or depressed.  Learning how to manage stress can help alleviate symptoms,...

Mar 22, 2019

Stuck! For years, I felt that the Joyous Family was stuck. Just stuck in the same rotating issues over and over again. Crisis after crisis just kept banging on our door. Why, even after sobriety, did family life still feel, well, yucky? What keeps codependent families stuck?

Then I walked into a Christian seminar by...

Mar 15, 2019

Parenting is a tough job!  What are the signals that you were parented by a codependent parent?  Are you parenting your kids the same way?

Why after all these years do children not come with an operation manual?

Are you a codependent parent?  Not just romantic relationships are subject to falling into the...

Mar 8, 2019

Exposed!  It is not always easy to hear yourself talk through tough issues that are still happening

Could you hear me if I told you codependency is only a symptom? The way you choose to respond to a relationship or better yet depend on a relationship is learned.

Learned really? Yes! You learned it really early in your...

Mar 1, 2019

Codependence Anynonmous one of the latest 12 Step Groups chose very carefully not to define Codependence but rather list the characteristics of the behaviors person might find themselves practicing

Denial Patterns
Low Self Esteem Patterns
Compliance Patterns
Control Patterns
Avoidance Patterns

What caught my eye were...