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Sober on Purpose

Nov 22, 2018

Turkey Day is upon us.  No one wants to struggle with Family Holidays.  After recovery from addictions, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays may trigger unwanted feels and emotions.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for staying Emotionally Sober during the Holidays.  

Designed to help you accept the things that you can't...

Nov 20, 2018

Comfortably Unhappy

I hate this concept.  It is the golden cage of work, home and play.  The sound for comfortably unhappy is “meh” ( expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm).

Just saying it makes me cringe--MEH.  It is that chocolate chip cookie that is not good but not bad it is just a cookie.   This is why...

Nov 8, 2018

Getting sober often leaves us and our families with a long list of hurt feelings.  We can resent people, organizations and ourselves.

Hanging our hats on resentments, holding them close and nurturing them only serves to feed them.  Just like expectations, resentments tend to repopulate given the chance.  They grow and...