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Sober on Purpose

Feb 17, 2023

If your loved one is an addict, it might be difficult to maintain a safe and peaceful atmosphere at home. Therefore, it's critical to first understand what addiction is. It will help you understand your loved one and maintain a harmonious household.


Society labels people as addicts based on several preconceived...

Feb 10, 2023

A Journey of Trials to Triumph


#soberonpurpose #podcast 

Every entrepreneur has to go through their fair struggles, and Chris Platow is no different. He has an amazing story to tell us which I am elated to share with you. Chris broke down his journey into a three-stage process: trials and hardships, triumphs of good...

Feb 3, 2023

#soberonpurpose #podcast

Victoria has a fascinating background that includes multiple different careers. She was born in Ohio and her dad was in the Air Force, which exposed her to a lot of travel at a young age. She followed in her dad's footsteps and went to FAM University in Florida, and then joined the military as a...