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Sober on Purpose

Dec 30, 2022

Suicide is one of the most devastating experiences that can happen in a person's life. It's a long-term solution to a short-term problem, and it may leave loved ones saddened, mystified, and alone. 

In this episode, Micahel Marx talks about Suicide, its signs, and how to prevent it. This is a susceptible topic yet very important to spread awareness and save lives. 

Some people who commit suicide may seek to escape feelings of rejection, hurt, or loss. Others may be angry, embarrassed, or guilty over something. Some people are concerned about disappointing friends or relatives. Some people may feel unwanted, unloved, mistreated, or burdened by others. 

Suicide is avoidable; everyone can help save lives and build healthy, strong people, families, and communities. Suicide prevention involves a multifaceted public health strategy.

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Question, Persuade, Refer


Key Topics:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:01:15 - About Michael Marx

00:02:01 - Coaching Suicide Awareness

00:03:23 - Overview of Suicide 

00:03:42 - Suicide Cases Average

00:05:23 - Love Makes Suicidal People Feel Good

00:06:19 - Reaching Out to People who are at Highest Risk of Suicide

00:07:19 - Ideation of Suicide to Younger People

00:09:42 - Ways of Suicidal Implementation through Ideation

00:10:33 - Emotional Pain Usually Triggers Suicidal Thoughts

00:11:04 - The Importance of Caring by Asking People About Their Pain

00:11:11 - Normalizing Conversation About Suicide

00:13:05 - How to Demystify Suicide Through education.

00:14:57 - Making a Good Conversation About Suicide

00:16:14 - Conversation About Suicide Should Bot be Covered Up

00:17:06 - Signs of Suicide

00:18:34 - Michael Marx's Favorite Suicide Intervention Story 

00:20:10 - Michael Marx Helping Out Suicidal People

00:22:39 - People's Life’s Choices

00:26:39 - Importance of Identifying Risk Factors of Suicide

00:27:33 - How to Identify Risk Factors

00:28:24 - Defining Suicide Attempt

00:31:08 - Male’s Perception of Not Getting into the Age of 25

00:31:52 - Females' Habituate Development is Faster than Males

00:33:59 - Military People Belong to Marginalized Group

00:36:38 - Michael Worked on Prevention and Intervention Rather than Postvention

00:37:32 - Knowing The Suicide Interventions

00:38:11 - Suicide Coaching 

00:41:59 - Suicide is a Sin

00:44:16 - Avoid Judgemental Thoughts Towards People who are Struggling 

00:46:15 - Best Tool for Suicide Prevention

00:47:49 - Seeking The Lost and Helping them Get Back to Where They Belong

00:48:47 - Bible Verse: Romans 8:38-39

00:49:03 - When is Enough is Enough?

00:49:29 - Training: Roleplaying as Interventionist at Suicidal Scenario

00:50:55 - Giving People Attention When They Want Attention

00:52:55 - The Impact of Suicide on the Lives of Others.

00:55:30 - Enormous Effect of Suicide

00:57:00 - Great Books Recommendation 

00:59:40 - Words of Affection Towards your Loved Ones

01:00:38 - Question, Persuade, Refer. Don't Play Doctor.

01:07:10 - Wrapped Up Topics

01:09:41 - Closing Remarks of Michael Marx

Key Takeaways:

  • Suicidal ideation doubled for the General Population
  • People Will Want to Hear You Care About Them
  • The Importance of Breaking the Stigma and Time to Normalize having Conversations About Suicide
  • Emotional Pain is the Strongest Cause of Suicide
  • It is Important to Reach Out to Your Loved Ones
  • The Truth about Suicide and How it Develops
  • The Importance of Knowing the Signs of Suicidal People
  • How to Implement a Strategy To Prevent Suicide
  • The Need to Take Their Own Life is a Choice.
  • Identifying Risk Factors: Low-Risk and High-Risk
  • Suicide is not the Best Way to solve Problems
  • The best Tool for Suicide Prevention is Connection and Love.
  • Addiction is a Temporary Fix for Pain Until it no Longer Exists.
  • Suicide Affects People Enormously- 18 -36 people
  • Be Willing to Give to Everyone that Asks of You.
  • Deep Consistent Connection Helps Prevent Suicide Incidents


Wisdom Words:

“A lot of times the pain is emotional. Even if it is physical, there's emotional pain that goes within.”

“So when you're talking about ideation, they just say, I just wish this were all over. And that's already a sign. And get me very clearly on this point, I want everyone listening to be really clear on this point.”

“make suicide conversations normal–  normalize the conversation, because the stigma that we're not allowed to talk about it, that's what keeps people isolated. “


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