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Sober on Purpose

Sep 28, 2022

Was there a time that all you do is a bunch of stuff that you shouldn't be doing? And what did you do the time you got sober and opportunities are laid into your hands? Did you grab it? Or just dropped it? In this episode, David P. will share his story of how he succeeded with his three applications from when he was in the blackout phase of his life. And the stories behind each application that he was able to release.

Find the early sobriety app here!

Key Topics

1:03 - How the ‘Four Step’ application started

7:10 - The application has a Russian translation

10:15 - The application can be sent through email if it is needed to share with a sponsor

11:54 - How it started that the application is translated into the Russian language

14:06 - Story behind his ‘Early Sobriety Companion’ application

16:58 - Story behind his ‘a Trivia Whack’ application

18:16 - Prices of his paid applications

18:52 - About their new application called ‘8/9 step Amends’

20:28 - About his three applications and how to find them on both desktop and mobile

22:57 - How he raises funds for his applications

24:42 - About the seventh tradition

27:46 David’s favorite AI Anon slogan

Key Takeaways

-Take all the available opportunities without worrying too much

-Skills do not matter as long as you are dedicated to what you are doing and you are using the sources available around you

-The needs of people will always have a solution

-You must take significant action immediately if you want to succeed in anything

-Asking for assistance from others around you will help you succeed

Wisdom quotes from David P:

“The invisible hand of God just kind of holding this thing that I am certainly not doing. It's there's something else out there that that that's helping make this whole thing work for a reason” #TanyaGioia #SoberOnPurpose #Sober #Success