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Sober on Purpose

Jan 10, 2023

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I am delighted to introduce to you this amazing lady who joined me for this second episode of Community Enforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), Jane Macky. We talk about the training, which is designed to help family members of those struggling with addiction to better support their loved ones.  


In this episode, Jane explains that they work with one person from the family, typically the one who is motivated to help the struggling family member. She says that the key ingredient is someone who is willing to put in the work to help their loved one. She also explains the difference between the intervention model and the CRAFT model. She notes that the goal of the CRAFT model is to rebuild connection and teach skills for having the invitation to treatment-type conversation. Jane shares how the CRAFT intervention approach has been proven to be successful in lowering dangerous substance use and elevating constructive behaviors.

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Key Topics:

0:00:00 - Jane Macky: Craft Training for Community Reinforcement Training

0:02:09 - We The Village

0:03:58 - The Different Approaches to Family Therapy for Substance Use

0:05:25 - The Benefits of the CRAFT Approach to Addiction Treatment

0:07:22 - The Impact of Digital Interventions on Addiction Recovery

0:09:29 - The Importance of Connection in Recovery

0:13:45 - Roadmap Craft: A 12-Week Course on How to Support a Loved One with a Substance Use Disorder

0:17:36 - The Role of Worksheets in the CRAFT Program

0:19:43 - The Benefits of the Live Certified Coach Program

0:21:25 - The Benefits of a Long-Term Treatment Program for Substance Abuse

0:23:45 - The Benefits of Long-Term Recovery

0:25:26 - The Benefits of Positive Parenting for Teenagers

0:27:18 - The Impact of Positive reinforcement on Parenting

0:29:09 - The Benefits of the Daring Way Method

0:30:48 - The Impact of Family Members on Addiction Recovery

0:34:05 - The Importance of Safety in Substance Abuse Treatment

0:37:50 - The Importance of Family Communication

0:39:23 - The Impact of Addiction on American Families

0:41:00 - The Family Support Study: A New Approach to Drug Addiction

0:43:24 - "Free Support for Those Struggling With Opioid Use."

0:45:18 - The Importance of Community in Addiction Recovery

0:47:10 - The Power of Vulnerability 


Wisdom Words:

We'll offer twelve weeks of free support in two different conditions and you can learn more about that when you go through.” 


They're so exhausted by what they've gone through so far in trying to sort of navigate a loved one's addiction that those are the kind of people that we typically see.”


“Our goal was to teach you the skills and new skills every week that you can take with you through the whole recovery journey.”


“We use behavioral strategies to reduce harmful substance use and increase positive behaviors, which creates more space for that person to think and dream about a life of sobriety and why that might be valuable.” 


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