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Sober on Purpose

Oct 5, 2018

Sober on Purpose podcast is real life for real families. This is crazy, right? Launching a podcast on top of blog. Nope! Actually, it is perfect. What better way to get to know all of you.

Many couples walked before and alongside of Jerry and I as we became Sober on Purpose. Those couples came for dinner, talked us down out of our respective trees, listened to our struggles together and separately and sometimes watched our kids so we could get to a counseling session.

While we can't drop babysit so you can slip out for a date night or a counseling session we can encourage you through the earbuds on your phone.

Battle scars come with life. What also comes with a life well lived is wisdom and strength. Jerry and I want to extend that hand of friendship to you through this podcast.

We are those people! The magic pill for sober serenity just does not exist. Learning to live sober takes practice.  If you want to stop fighting each other and start learning to fight for your family instead of with them.  This podcast is for you. Welcome!  Glad you are here!