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Sober on Purpose

Feb 22, 2019

This is the second in a pair of podcasts on Sponsorship.  Give Ep 11 a listen and then pop in here for the next ideas for finding the right fit with your sponsor.  

As I mentioned before, the 12 Steps are a roadmap to recovery, while the sponsor is the navigator.  It may take a couple tries to find the right fit with a...

Feb 15, 2019


Are you codependent?  Yes.  We all have a dependence on others.  When does it turn ugly?  When does dependence turn from normal to destructive? 

Wait! Didn't God supply Adam with Eve because He felt it was not good for man to be alone?  (Genesis 2:22)   Aren't we supposed to live in a community with other...

Feb 8, 2019

Are you ready for silly!  In this episode, Elijah of the Elijah Thinks Podcast interviews us on Marriage and Valentine's Day.  A great Valentine's Day Gift For Him!  

This Valentine's Day kids activity is simple yet powerful.  How do we know who we are except by the stories we tell ourselves.  The Bible itself is full...

Feb 1, 2019

Dare to love the most difficult person in your life this Valentines's month. We all have them a person in our lives that we struggle to love. Maybe it is only a season with a difficult toddler, teen, spouse or co-worker. In Al-anon we say that living with an addict/alcoholic is too much for most of us, alone.

Here is a...