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Sober on Purpose

Jan 4, 2019

In this week's podcast, we continue on the theme of roles in the family relationship. When any major change happens in a marriage or a family the responsibilities of the members shift.   

Sobriety is a big change!  

The person with the most visible addiction may have been the scapegoat of the family.  While the person "holding down the fort" is often seen as a saint.  Sobriety brings us what has always been true.  All members of a family have roles to play which encompass both our flaws and our virtues.

Let me ask you this: 
If you knew God was completely for you and you trusted Him to provide all your needs could you love your family better?

Or if you were more vulnerable with God about who you are and what was really hurting you could you trust Him to hear and see you fully?

If God really saw all of you would you still be His precious child?