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Sober on Purpose

Oct 22, 2018

The relief of you or the loved one getting sober lifts a momentous wait off the family.  Now everything is going to be OK. He, she or they will stop doing whatever they were doing that caused the family so much harm. For years, the families desperate mantra for sobriety may have gone something like this:

  • IF he would just … stop using drugs, pron, spending money, working 90 hours.
  • IF she would just.. stop nagging, drinking, shopping, yelling.

Our expectations breed more expectations.  We expect a whole new person after the addictive behavior stops. What we often get is a confused, fragile person trying to sort out their lives.

When our expectations are not meet we can get frustrated or even angry. This creates an endless no-win cycle. A child quickly learns that; if you can’t ever win, why play.  #soberlifehappylife #soberonpurpose

Jerry and I discuss the dangerous fantasy land of expectations after you become Sober on Purpose.