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Sober on Purpose

Dec 16, 2022

The work with is beyond, “WOW”! To get the whole picture check out the previous episode to learn more about Erin’s work and journey of helping entrepreneurs deal with their limiting beliefs and emotional struggles that keep them from doing their best work.

Those limiting beliefs that have been established in the mind through a variety of patterns of emotions and patterns of behaviors can be relieved through a mapping practice. It allows a person to understand the experiences he/she is having. It will lead to the rapid transformation that they are looking for. 

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Key Topics:

00:00 - Intro 

01:40 - Relief Among People Who are Not Experiencing Patterns Established by their Belief 

04:17: - Cognitive Awareness Gives So much Control on how a Person Respond

05:58 - Eliminating the Limiting Belief Takes Time 

08:18 - Why You Need to get Curious about What you’re Receiving

08:40 - Perfectionism is a Limiting Belief

09:25 - Limiting Beliefs Possessed by Entrepreneurs

10:03 - The Importance of Identifying One’s Limiting Beliefs

12:41 - Introducing Mayo Clinic of the Mind

13:13 - Progress Tracking Throughout the Session of Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

14:11 - Having Awareness of What’s Blocking your Mind

17:59 - Individual works in Relationship

20:12 - Couples in Therapy Session

21:57 - Invitation to Visit

25:09 - Closing


Key Takeaways:

  • Many people find it liberating to be able to separate patterns.
  • Doing the Mapping Process creates relief and gives hope
  • Identify your Limiting Beliefs so you to overcome them
  • Eliminating the limiting belief that change doesn’t happen quickly.
  • If You’re Ready to Make a Change, You can.


Wisdom Words

“(to heal limiting beliefs)  let's find out if there are any other causes that are creating problems that you might not have even had any awareness of can we look in that, like look around for the black boxes in your mind. 


“Everything  is still (about your personal work) when you're in a relationship. It's all about doing the individual work.”


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