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Sober on Purpose

Dec 9, 2022

This Episode is a continuation of my meaningful conversation with Africa Archield Business Coach and Life Expert.  Be sure to check out the previous episode to get the full flavor of Africa’s joyful work. 

We can be good at things we are very familiar with. We want everything we do to be perfect and work the way we wanted it to. But sometimes it drains our energy and our whole being and causes us to crash. 

Even at times when we excel in some areas of our lives, it can be overwhelming and exhausting.  We may feel defeated. Overfamiliarity with work might lead to unproductivity. 

It takes time to learn everything and it can not be done perfectly on the first try. It is important to set back and observe how things get done with new techniques and new ideas. In this way, we can be more productive than we ever thought we could be. 

If things are too overwhelming, take time to breathe, relax and stretch your back. We don’t have to exhaust ourselves to achieve the perfection that is impossible when we are exhausted. Take time to meditate.  

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Key Topics:

- Importance of Using a Safety Net for Transition

- Perfectionism Zaps Away at Who you are

- Setting Boundaries

- Procrastination Stops you from being Productive


Key Takeaways:

- Learning Takes Time: Do not Expect Everything to be Perfect 

- Make Changes in your Routine

- Use Meditation to change the mood Around You


Wisdom Words:

“We're wanting something to be perfect by procrastinating. We're like giving ourselves an out, getting it dead, and being disappointed when it's not perfect.”


“I think meditation is really great, whether we work together or not, if you develop that practice, release a day, bring in the new day, it will start to have this beautiful ripple effect, not just in your life, just for you, but everyone else around you.”

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