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Sober on Purpose

Dec 7, 2018

Benefits to Working Through your Resentments 2 of 3

In the second podcast episode on resentments, we dive into how resentments can become part of how you define yourself.  There are great benefits to working through a resentment toward a person, situation, or institution.

  • Getting unstuck from a feeling or situation
  • Freeing yourself to move forward
  • Stoping re-injuring of yourself with a past hurt
  • Forgiving of yourself and others
  • Growing in compassion for others because you are not stuck in your own issues 

Oddly, enough there are also reasons to keep your resentments and make them part of your identity.  The holding on to resentments often helps us avoid things that scare us or creates a reason why we won't/can't move forward in our lives.