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Sober on Purpose

Nov 7, 2022

In this week's Sober on Purpose Podcast, I will discuss how Mr Howard Patridge's book Monday Morning Christian opened my mind to the realm of business where I can still share God and his words.


Mr. Howard Patridge is a number one best-selling author and a favorite conference speaker. He joined us today to talk about how to use our businesses to share God.


This episode also talks about how to spend our money in a rightful manner. To start a business, we should know how to handle our money and be mindful of our expenses. Our expenses should be relevant and useful for our businesses in order for it to take off and become successful. 


Key Topics

- Monday Morning Christian  with Mr. Patridge

- How to become Money Literate

- Turn your Negative past into Positive testimony

- Activate Devotional Life into yout Business Community 


Key Takeaways

- Control Your Money instead of Money Controlling you

- Money is Involved in Accomplishig God’s Mission

- Study to Learn, Learn to Earn


Wisdom words

“Money doesn't make the man, it reveals the man”


“Money philosophy follows us and our character follows us regardless of how much money we're making”


“If you got a problem with money, don't go into debt, don't put your dinner on a credit card that you can't pay off at the end of the month”


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