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Sober on Purpose

Nov 25, 2022

The Science of Willpower: How to Strengthen Your Self-Control | PART 2 | Dr. Glenn Livingston


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In this week's Sober on Purpose Podcast, I'll discuss how Dr. Livingston's Never Binge Again (Part 2) program helped me understand what my body is asking and not just eat in response to positive and negative emotions.


Dr. Glenn Livingston is a Clinical psychologist. He joined us today to talk about how food affects our brain functions and how it influences our entire being.


This episode is also talking about eating healthy does require not only willpower but also discipline, control, perseverance, and mindset. You're setting yourself up for less emotional instability, a generally better outlook, and an improved capacity for concentration when you maintain a diet of healthful food.


Key Topics

-The Never Binge Again Program with Dr. Glen Livingston

-The Psychological Effects of Unhealthy Food Relationships

-How One’s Habit of Eating Impacts Those That You Live With

-A strong willpower and support system can save us.


Key Takeaways

-Eating Healthy is Not The Easiest But It Is A Lifesaver

-Healthy Living Starts with How You Envision Your Future

-Food is comfort, but too much is cruel.


Wisdom words

“This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle and a shift for how you want to think about yourself and food.”


“The emotions are like a roaring fire, and you could have a roaring fire in the living room which should be an asset and not a liability if it’s well-contained with the fireplace.”


“If you have a craving and you indulge that craving, the craving’s gonna be stronger tomorrow. If you have a thought and you reward that thought with sugar, that thought will be stronger tomorrow also.”


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