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Sober on Purpose

Jan 22, 2023

The Role  of Technology in Personal Development 


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Larry Wilberton from Supertech University joins us in this episode. We talked about the importance of teaching life skills to young people, especially those in recovery from addiction. Larry mentioned that many addicts have trouble with communication and self-confidence, and training them in short segments can be more effective than trying to teach them in a traditional classroom setting.


We also talked about two different types of people, those who are fast-paced and task-oriented, and those who are slower-paced and people-oriented. The first type is more suited for jobs that are fast-paced and non-people-oriented, while the second type is more suited for jobs that are slower-paced and people-oriented. Knowing which type you are can help you be more self-aware and happier with who you are, and also help you recognize how you need to be with other people to make life easier.


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Larry Wilberton






Key Topics:

0:00:12 - Recovering Addicts Make Fantastic Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Larry

0:02:41 - The Benefits of Drip Learning

0:03:59 - The DISC personality test can help you better understand yourself and those around you.

0:05:34 - The DISC Personality Test

0:08:11 - The Power of Being Yourself: A Conversation on the Importance of Self-Awareness

0:09:32 - The Different Types of Personalities in the Workplace and How to Help Them Shift

0:11:27 - The Different Types of Communication Styles

0:14:33 - The Importance of Personal Development in the Workplace

0:18:53 - The Benefits of Teaching Personal Development Skills to Employees

0:20:22 - The Importance of Self-Awareness, Personal Development, and In-Home Behavior in the Workplace

0:24:25 - The Importance of a Good Morning Routine for HVAC Technicians

0:27:51 - The Benefits of a Daily Morning Message for Business Owners

0:29:33 - The Benefits of Being Available to Your Employees

0:31:10 - The Importance of Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

0:35:24 - The Benefits of Listening to Music While Working

0:37:06 - The Five Pillars of Professionalism: Accountability

0:38:41 - The Benefits of Larry's Accountability Program

0:42:02 - COVID-19 Impact on Employee Training

0:43:49 - How to Invest in Yourself for Business Success with Larry Benet


Wisdom Words

“Some people don't like being that way. They want to be extroverts because that's what society rewards. So if you find out you're this way, you know who you are and you figure you give yourself credit for that.”


“So once you see where you are and you land in these categories, you can be more self-aware of your activities and be happier with who you are. Then recognize how you need to be with other people to make life easier”


“One of the greatest management tools I ever learned was at Coca Cola and it was this idea of a good manager. It's simple, but it's not easy. The idea here are you set clear measurable expectations and then you measure them and then you meet together and you quote, unquote, and hold them accountable.”

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