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Sober on Purpose

Nov 18, 2022

On this week's Sober on Purpose Podcast, I'll discuss how Dr. Livingston's Never Binge Again program helped me shed several pounds and alter my relationship with food. Dr. Glenn Livingston is a Clinical psychologist.

He joined us today to talk about how he created the program and how it has helped people lose weight and break their relationship with food. We will also discuss how the lizard brain originates the feast-or-famine response in mammals and the differences between the reptile and mammalian brains.

According to him, accepting oneself in the face of temptation entails giving up the mammalian brain and the neocortex; instead, one must return to the rational brain. He concludes that one must mentally resemble an alpha wolf more to manage bodily impulses.

Key Topics

-The Never Binge Again Program with Dr. Glen Livingston

-The Risks of Poor Eating and the Value of a Healthful Diet

-The Impact of Food on Our Lives -The Dangers of Food Addiction and the Importance of a Healthy Diet

-The Various Methods We Use To Control Our Impulses

-The Power of Willpower: How to Overcome Temptation and Achieve Your Goals -The Good Wolf and the Evil Wolf: A Conversation on the Nature of Addiction Key Takeaways

-Believing that addiction is a disease has risks

-The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction and the Sensitivity to Relapse

-The Different Between Selfishness and Self-Centeredness

Wisdom words

“If you are willing to flood your body with nutrition at a slight caloric deficit, you can lose weight and be healthy and stop bingeing.”

“There's a lot of spiritual development, self-reflection, socialization, responsibility taking, and things like that. But I think that it's based I think it's based upon exaggeration and falsehood, which leads people to sacrifice their autonomy in ways that aren't good for them.”

“I was on the wrong side of the war. I saw them developing hyper-palatable concentrations of starch, sugar, fat, excitotoxins, and salt. And it was all aimed at the bliss point and a reptilian brain without giving us enough nutrition to feel satisfied.”

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