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Sober on Purpose

Jan 12, 2023

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Toni Jones worked as a life coach for many years before choosing to make affirmation music to support her clients. She says that music is intended to be a well-being tool that people can use on the move and that it is intended to assist people to break free from the energy pull that frequently leaves them believing they have to burn themselves out in order to accomplish things. Toni's life changed dramatically with the release of her debut album, and she recognized that this was her true calling.

She is an affirmation musician, helping people to talk to themselves better through words and music. She explains that music has always had a medicinal legacy and that it can be used to help people in modern times. 

In the episode, Toni shares how she uses her gift of words to deliver messages from a higher source. She talks about how her job is to keep their hearts open so that they may receive these messages, and how cultivating her imagination is essential to this.

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Key Topics:

0:00:00 - Interview with Tony Jones, Affirmation Musician

0:02:18 - The Power of Affirmation Music: How Music Can Help You Talk to Yourself Better

0:04:33 - Client Response to Album Release

0:06:16 - Musician Channels Higher Messages Through Words

0:11:24 - The Power of Imagination and Creativity in Healing

0:13:09 - Overcoming Adversity and Finding Hope

0:16:49 - The Importance of Nourishing Your Inner Child

0:22:23 - The Impact of Letting Go

0:24:20 - The Benefits of Change

0:26:22 - The Importance of Letting Go

0:27:58 - The Impact of Isolation on Relationships

0:30:03 - How to Create Healthy Boundaries with Yourself and Others

0:31:57 - The Power of Letting Go: How to Create Deeper Connections by Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You

0:34:37 - The Power of Intentional Self-Care

0:36:19 - The Courtship of Self: A Creative's Journey to Understanding Addiction and Expansion

0:43:15 -The Power of Love and Surrender

0:45:28 - The Importance of Fun in Life

0:47:35 - Improving Communication Skills Through Self Talk

0:49:27 - The Power of Affirmation Music


Wisdom Words:

I have to be proactively involved in the living of authentic joyful life that includes me. Because if I don't, I can be heartbroken by this reality as well. Because I can't fantasize about people, I can't fantasize about spirituality, I can't fantasize about life.”

They have life talents, gifts, and excitement outside of my world. I'm not just the only one being spiritual in their life, I'm not the only one having deep conversations with them.”

“I'm seeing the benefits of the synchronicity and serendipity, and the people that are coming into my life. I'm seeing my manifestation happen naturally without all the effort. I feel like I'm doing something effective by not knowing how to be effective.”

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