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Sober on Purpose

Feb 3, 2023

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Victoria has a fascinating background that includes multiple different careers. She was born in Ohio and her dad was in the Air Force, which exposed her to a lot of travel at a young age. She followed in her dad's footsteps and went to FAM University in Florida, and then joined the military as a linguist. After serving in the military, she moved to Atlanta and opened a clothing boutique. She then sold the boutique and decided to become an entrepreneur. 


Victoria helps people find their purpose and get to a place where they can start moving forward. She does this by teaching them how to find their why and get clear on their goals. She also helps them understand the different opportunities available to them, no matter what industry they are in.


In this episode, I am so excited in to share this conversation with her as we talk about how she helps her clients focus on what they want in life, rather than just money. She explains that money is not the only thing that brings happiness, and that it is important to have a balance in life. She also talks about how she helps her clients with their mindset and helps them understand that money is not the only thing that is important.


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Victoria Menifee





Key Topics: 


0:00:12 - Victoria's Background

0:03:22 - Finding Your Why and Moving Forward

0:05:13 - How Asking Why Can Help You Find Your Purpose in Business

0:06:46 - How to Find True Fulfillment in Your Life and Work

0:11:13 - The Benefits of Working with the Government for Small Businesses

0:15:08 - The Benefits of Diversifying Your Cleaning Business

0:16:50 - How to Succeed as a Single Parent Entrepreneur

0:19:17 - The Benefits of Government Contracting for Entrepreneurs

0:22:14 - How to Succeed in the Government Contracting Business

0:24:30 - NAICS Code: What It Is and How to Use It

0:27:13 - The Benefits of Government Contracts for Small Businesses

0:28:55 - A Path to Success 

0:34:39 - The Benefits of Being Your Own Boss at Any Age

0:36:06 - The Successful Cleaning Business Owner: From Corporate to Government Work

0:37:40 - How to Create a Life You Love


Wisdom Words:

“If you take that pen and paper and you just sit down and you write your thoughts, something about writing it down seems to make it transform itself into something that makes it happen.”


“When people start doing the Mindset exercises, they are amazed at how little they knew about themselves and how much other things mean more to them than money.”

“If you're able to do that when it comes to translating your services from what you do for someone else, and then you're able to translate that into what you're going to do for yourself.”


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