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Sober on Purpose

Feb 10, 2023

A Journey of Trials to Triumph


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Every entrepreneur has to go through their fair struggles, and Chris Platow is no different. He has an amazing story to tell us which I am elated to share with you. Chris broke down his journey into a three-stage process: trials and hardships, triumphs of good and bad, and growth through change. A great story about what it takes to be successful and overcome addiction. 


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Key Topics:

00:01:08 Chris’ Background

00:02:51 Chris Struggles With Substance Usage

00:05:21 How Chris Found Out that He has a Son

00:06:57 Curiosity On Drugs Leads to Addiction

00:10:52 Once You Start, It will be hard to Come out 

00:12:24 What Happens When You Relapse?

00:14:42 Change Starts  with Small Steps

00:16:05 Maintaining Distance  from  Substance

00:17:36 How an Addict Kept His Integrity

 00:18:40 Chris Started To Relapse

00:21:03 If You Don’t Mourn, You will Pull Everything Away

00:22:22 How to Show Self-care and Handle Grief

00:24:41 How it Feels Like Being Trapped with Grief 

00:26:48 Start To Look at Things from a Different Perspective

00:29:04 The Death Of Chris’ Brother 

00:31:45 The Satisfaction of Coming Out From Struggles 

00:32:10 Taking One Step At a Time to Reach The Goal

00:34:47 Doing Things That Meet Your Responsibilities

00:35:59 Implementing Activities That Can Help You Overcome Grief

00:37:50 Believe In Yourself and Your Capabilities and Never Give Up

Wisdom Words:


“ Find a dark corner of a room somewhere and let yourself cry. I think just like letting yourself, no matter how you got to do it, I think you need to let yourself feel those feelings.”


“ I had great friends and family, so we would kind of help each other as far as, you know, like reaching the goals.”


“I just kept on doing what I could do giant to basically, like, optimize or improve like one step at a time.”

“I just believe that my mental power is strong enough to overcome anything that I'm facing, and I just try to power through and focus on the same thing until I do.”


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